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Free financial assessments

Every investor has a unique set of circumstances that makes it difficult to find a pre-packed solution. As you go through your financial journey, your needs will change. The key to long-term financial success is allocating your assets to the portfolio that best suits YOUR individual needs.

Curious if you are on the right track? Start with this short assessment by answering questions about your current financial situation. 

This offers you the most detailed look at your true risk tolerance. It is comprised of a 20 question personality test and some financial details. Click here for a list of numbers you will want to gather before you get started. Once completed you will receive a full financial plan including projections on your probability of running out of money during retirement along with your risk personality score. The report also includes areas you can change to improve your situation.

Everyone has different values and goals. Before making a financial plan, you need to ask yourself, "What's important about money to you?" Examples include: security/stability, independence, pride, making a difference, self-worth, etc. Fill out this short form to let us know what some of your values and goals are.

Would you like assistance creating your own financial roadmap? Use one of the two buttons below to get the process started.

When investing, the starting point is determining your "risk tolerance". Risk tolerance is based on both your "willingness" & "ability" to take on risk. There are many tools out there to assist you in determining these two areas. We have three options to help you get started (click on the name to launch the test):

Already have investment accounts? Use our risk questionnaire to identify what type of investor you are.

This fast 10 question assessment looks at your risk comfort level, ability to take on risk, and your investment personality.


Once complete, you will receive an immediate report listing what type of investor you are along with tips on things to watch in your investment journey. It will also include a suggested portfolio to use as a starting point with SEM. This assessment is ideal if you already have a more detailed financial plan and are seeking guidance on what type of investments to select. 

For federal employees, we have a quick way to help determine if you're on the right retirement path. This quick assessment also generates an investment allocation you can use inside the plan.

Participants in the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) can take a short, 10 Question Assessment to determine their personality, followed by a few financial planning questions to generate a recommended allocation for their TSP Investments. The report will also show the probability of running out of money as well as areas that need to be addressed.

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