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Step 1: Prepare for the Assessment

Gather the following information:

Saving & Spending

Average monthly savings (retirement & other savings)

Average monthly spending (fixed expenses & discretionary expenses)

Other expected purchases / expenses that are not included in your monthly figure (e.g., college, weddings, large cash purchases)

Expected Capital Inflows (e.g., sale of business, downsize home, inheritance)

Investable Assets

(Taxable & Retirement)

Retirement (e.g., IRA's, 401(k), 403(b), SEP IRA)

Taxable accounts (e.g., brokerage, deposit, savings, CDs)

Any other accounts (other investments, liquid assets & investable cash)

Printable preparation sheeT ----------> 

Retirement Income

Expected Social Security Benefits (starting at different ages)

Defined Benefit Pension Benefits (including any options)

Any other expected income in retirement (e.g., annuity, real estate income)

Is your State not listed? Click here to take the assessment & we will put you in contact with the nearest available advisor.
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